Kickstarter Fulfilment

Kickstarter Fulfilment Services

Kickstarter fulfilment is a specialised service that solves the complex problem of bulk importing pledges for on-word distribution to your backers and supporters. FulfilPro has specialised services to securely store, pick and pack pledges as they are received all backed by our in-house automation systems.

Ensure Backer Satisfaction

Backers expect to receive their pledges in an orderly manner. FulfilPro ensures your backers get their pledges in a timely manner.

No Need to Worry About Logistics

You can focus on your business whilst we take care of all the logistics including, customs, storage and distribution.

Save Costs

We can arrange your pledges to be bulk collected from any country in the world, imported in bulk in the UK, stored in our warehouse and then distributed as needed.


Upload Pledges

Upload your pledges and we process them automatically

Collection & Importing

We can arrange for pledges to be collected and brought to the UK

Store & Sorting

Pledges are securely stored in our facilities and sorted for distribution


Your goods are shipped out daily using major couriers

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